aviation: Almost 20 years after the EU: USA introduce passenger rights



When it comes to the lack of customer service in the event of flight irregularities, some US carriers may have overstated the arc to such an extent that the US Department of Transportation has announced that a new regulation will be introduced that will oblige airlines to bear costs and compensate in such cases.

In principle, the project is comparable to the European Union’s Air Passenger Rights Regulation. This has been in force since 2004. The airline lobby association is working hard to persuade Brussels to relax these restrictions, even though many providers are not particularly precise anyway, especially when it comes to paying costs for replacement transport and/or compensation services.

In the USA, the Department of Transportation will explain to the airlines that in the event of significant delays, cancellations or missing connecting flights, they must pay compensation and cover the costs for meals, rebooking and hotel accommodation. Similar to Europe, this should only apply if the airline is to blame. For example, events of force majeure such as severe storms, which make flying impossible for safety reasons, should be excluded.

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