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Ruifeng History

The gypsum is the mineral in monoclinic system, and it’s the hydrate of CaSO4 which is the main chemical component in it. The gypsum being widely used is industrial and building materials. It can be used for cement retardergypsum building productsmodel makingmedical food additivessulfuric acid productionpaper fillerpainter filler and so on. The gypsum and its products feature cellular structure and thermal dehydration in order to make them have properties of good sound insulationthermal insulation and fire protection. Based on different uses of gypsum, there are full sets of machines such as gypsum board machinesgypsum powder machinesgypsum block machinesgypsum cornice machines and so on.

Mar. 17, 2008, Taishan Ruifeng was established and began to supply the spare parts of paper-faced gypsum board production line and develop corresponding machines.

In 2009, obtained the right to import and export.

In 2010, passed the ISO 9001.

In 2011, built the on-line platforms and specialized in developing and manufacturing full sets of gypsum board production line and gypsum powder production line, and fully broaden the foreign markets.

In 2012, researched and developed the vertical frying wok which got unanimous praises from customers. Meanwhile, the work to research and develop the paperless gypsum board production line was completed. The same year, the work to research and develop the gypsum powder production system( α+β) was completed.

In 2013, 10 production lines (gypsum board and gypsum powder) was built by Taishan Ruifeng at abroad like IraqRussiaDPRKKZ and so on, which helped Taishan Ruifeng realize qualitative leap and was highly praised by customers.

In 2014, the hot-air drying system for gypsum boards is improved and upgraded by Taishan Ruifeng itself, so the production efficiency of gypsum boards is highly improved and plenty of production costs are largely saved for customers.

In 2015, more than 10 production lines(gypsum board and gypsum powder) was built by Taishan Ruifeng at abroad like Southeast AsiaRussiaMiddle EastOuter Mongolia and so on which created a new milestone for further pushing into international markets.

In the year 2016, we totally conducted 4 gypsum powder production lines in domestic power plants and the Middle East, especially with an further improvement on technical treatment of desulfurization gypsum, which can make us better serve customers and society.   

In 2017, Taishan Ruifeng will sustain this momentum........