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Gypsum brick production line

    Taishan Ruifeng specializes in gypsum block machines and relative spare parts, and proceeds the customized design based on customers’ requirements like quality、quantity、raw materials、etc.

    Annual capacity : 50000 sq.m—500000 sq.m 

    Descriptions of production technologies:
    The natural gypsum or chemical gypsum powder being calcined is firstly sent into calcined gypsum powder silo (equipped with dust collection device、automatic signaling of material level、breaking device、etc.) for storage by pneumatic pump or bucket elevator, and then it is delivered into conveying and feeding machines. After being calculated by the electronic metering scale in batching system, it gets into mixer by the pneumatic discharging valve, and the production water being calculated by the adjustable water measuring device in batching system also gets into mixer by pneumatic discharging valve. If necessary, the moderate coagulant can be added in mixer.
    In mixer, after all materials are uniformly mixed by violent stirring with stirrer, the slurry is automatically poured into each cavity of forming machine through the hydraulic turnover device. At a moderate stage of slurry’s solidification, the hydraulic forming scraper on top of cavity moves up and down to scratch the upper groove in each gypsum block. The jacking system of drive forming machine in central hydraulic station pushes the complete row of gypsum blocks out of cavity. At this time, the pneumatic retractable clamps on top of forming machine hold、elevate、move out and put gypsum blocks on stacking rack. After that, gypsum blocks are transported by forklift to the natural drying area to dry, or are stacked in tunnel kiln for manual drying. The gypsum blocks after being dried can be inspected for qualification, and then the qualified gypsum blocks can be packed into finished products for storage or loading for shipment.

    System structure:
    1 batching system 
    2 mixer 
    3 forming machine 
    4 central hydraulic station 
    5 pneumatic retractable clamps 
    6 Automatic control system of production line 

    Production line for local figure: