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Desulfurization gypsum production line

    Taishan Ruifeng specializes in chemical gypsum powder machines and relative spare parts, and proceed the customized design based on customers’ requirements like quality、quantity、raw materials and so on.

    Capacity: 3tosn per hour~100 tons per hour 

    The chemical gypsum is mainly classified into desulfurization gypsum、phosphorous gypsum、lemon gypsum、fluorine gypsum、titanium gypsum、etc.. The chemical gypsum powder machines are mainly apply to industrial enterprises like power house、aluminum manufacturer、iron works、oil refinery and so on. 
    Based on customers’ original site conditions to build a plant like heat source、properties of raw materials、land occupation、etc., we can provide them with 6 categories and more than 10 kinds of production lines such as coal-fired one-step method、coal-fired two-stop method、steam on-step method、steam two-step method、hot-smoke one-step method、hot-smoke two-step method and so on.  
    Our production line adopts the technologies of finished product cooling and modified grinding mill, by which, the product quality problem caused by phrase transformation which results from the thermal polymerization produced by residual heat of gypsum burning is resolved, and the problem of worse workability and water-retaining property resulting from that the chemical gypsum is influenced by generation mechanism is also resolved. So, the chemical gypsum can better apply to various gypsum building materials products. 
    The deep processing of chemical finished gypsum powder also can be used for various gypsum building products such as paper-faced gypsum board、fiber gypsum board、gypsum block、plastering gypsum、caulking gypsum、etc.. transform waste into assets、save natural gypsum resources and protect the ecological environment balance.