Service-oriented, honesty-oriented.

Behave honestly, work attentively.

Team spirit, mutual development. 

Do the qualified project, build the Ruifeng image

Taishan Ruifeng specializes in manufacturing gypsum powder machines and gypsum board machines, all its employees are proud of doing that and would like to redouble their efforts to fight for better results, to provide high-quality solutions for customers. 

Employees of Taishan Ruifeng、business partners and interested parties are a big family. We all are equal and treat each other with all respect with a wish to build a team with diversification and inclusiveness. At the same time, we bravely shoulder responsibilities and always pay attention to everyone、communities and environments around us. 

Taishan Ruifeng devotes itself to setting up a environment with mutual trusts, which means that we all must shoulder responsibilities and make promises. Taishan Ruifeng hopes to grow together with all employees and tries to make every one get opportunity to develop with an aim to build a successful team. W e all respect the decisions made by each of them, because we are a team and should be loyal with each other ! We believe the value of team spirits, and we take it as the valuable treasure in work.

“ Do the qualified project, build the Ruifeng image”is the core value which must be followed by Taishan Ruifeng to run enterprise and complete each thing. Every single day, it always and deeply influences each member of our Taishan Ruifeng family, and each one of this family also practices the core value of Taishan Ruifeng in each single decision. We all are unique because the core value of Taishan Ruifeng exists.