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Management Forward

Taishan Ruifeng devotes itself to provide the professional and high-efficiency gypsum board machines and gypsum powder machines with the characteristics of safety、energy conservation and environment protection. 

Nowadays, the machines have been exported to more than 15 countries and regions, and extensive and comprehensive services are provided to the customers. No matter now or in the future, Taishan Ruifeng always endeavor to satisfy various demands from the customers. 

As a emerging enterprise in the field of building materials, in its essence, we are still a family business based on family values. From its establishment to now, all its employees unite as one and stand together so that our thinking is far-sighted and our motion is quick. 

With the rapid development of global information, the economies such as China、America and EU as a focus contact with each other more closely, especially in the year 2015, the “ one Belt, one Road “ initiative and the establishment of AIIB greatly promote the economic contacts and developments in developing and undeveloped countries. 

Taishan Ruifeng devotes itself to developments in some countries and regions like Middle East、Latin America、East Asia、Africa and so on, and satisfying their ever-increasing demands for gypsum board and gypsum powder machines. We are perfecting the sales and technical supports networks step by step, standing ready to deal with demands, and continually strengthening the employees’ abilities. In that case, we can better provide the services.  

For countries and regions with different economic development levels, based on their actual development situations, Taishan Ruifeng devotes itself to the strategy “ cooperation and semi-cooperation” in order to promote the development with customers and to realize the win-win situation. 

We expect to work together with you to walk into “ bright future” .