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Talent concept

The ancient once said “Territory ganer become prosperous, territory loser become defeated, talent gainer win the world, talent loser lost the world “ , which is the cornerstone for success and development of enterprise. At all times and in all places, whether a country rises and falls or an enterprise succeeds and fails, which is closely linked to the fact if there are talents who are the cornerstone of development of enterprise. So, we encourage every employee to participate in development of enterprise and to make constructive suggestions and comments for the improvement of enterprise performances. The success of enterprise relies on the team workconcerted efforts and full contributions of all team members.


We highly pay attention to the construction of human resource, recruit more capable personnel from all corners of the country, and the employees are most precious possessions. We deeply know that the selfless contributions and efforts from every employee are maximum power to drive enterprise to succeed and develop. Regarding the employment standard, we build the competition mechanism of “ use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones” on condition that the innovation consciousness and continuous progress spirit are required first. Under this circumstance and atmosphere, the competition is surly fair. For talent growth, it’s also what people mostly anticipate. With this in mind, Taishan Ruifeng take “ fair competitionsurvival of the fittestweakness eliminationbest use of talents “ as the talent concept which aims to abide by the natural law of talent growth and make all people compete at the same starting line. Meanwhile, there are no excessive demands for talents, just enhance advantages and avoid disadvantages, help talents better grow while they exert their complete role. The enterprise not only keeps people stay with salary, but also prefers to keeping people stay with careers and feelings. Every employee is honestsincerer and respectable for enterprises while enterprises also do the same to them. The enterprise respects every employee from different cultural background and provides with good and safe working conditions and training opportunities. With this kind of talent concept and talent growth environment, the aim to make all talents be completely used is achieved. So, the positive circle is formed that everyone hope to be successful and everyone can be successful. 


we always advocate the human-based management, the talent concept of “ respect peoplecultivate peoplepromote people” is always kept to develop human resource work. Persisting idea and system innovation to create an atmosphere “ equityjusticeopenness” for the growth and competition of talents. A set of mechanisms is set to respect peoplecultivate people and exert people’s potentials, which guarantees the unity of enterprise development and realization of individual value.

enterprise will continuously set up more open talent concept and implement more inflexible strategy of retaining talents to persist in recruiting and cultivating more talents in order to accumulate more talents for enterprise development. Meanwhile, vigorously build the learning enterprise, to train and educate all personnel at a fixed time for various times of professional ethicsjob qualification and professional knowledge, also to encourage all personnel to participate in academic educationprofessional titlequalification exam and other forms of continuing education, continuously improve the qualify of employees and strengthen the core competition of enterprise.